In life, we often stand at a crossroads: to conform to societal expectations or to chart a new course. From my early years, I chose the path less traveled, recognizing that fashion and style were not just about what to wear each day, but a reflection of my personality. My passion for fashion, keen eye for detail, and sharp instincts were evident from the start. By the tender age of fourteen, I had already envisioned my dream job: becoming a publisher for a globally acclaimed fashion magazine. As a student at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, I began to make my mark, styling and shopping for my peers and earning the well-deserved reputation of a dedicated fashionista.

I am celebrated for my intuitive fashion acumen and vibrant personality. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Communications with a focus on Printing & Publishing from NC A&T State University (Aggie Pride!), an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Marketing from The Art Institute of Charlotte, and a Master's Degree in Fashion Journalism from the Academy of Art University. These academic achievements, coupled with my experience spanning over a decade in the diverse fashion industry, have equipped me with a unique blend of creativity and technical knowledge.

As a Personal Stylist, I impart my clients with Fashion Tips 101, equipping them with the essential tools to create impeccable, fashionable looks in their everyday life. Beyond educating them about proportion, color, and fit, my ultimate goal is to help each client exude confidence, sensuality, and strength.

My creativity extends to my work as a Fashion Stylist and a Costume Designer for film and TV. I craft a narrative through my innovative pairing of abstract clothing and accessories, resulting in an effortlessly beautiful and intuitive outcome. My work as a costume designer has landed me collaborations with brands like ABC, WW (Weight Watchers), BDO, P&G, and Shutterstock, to name a few.

I also serve as a Fashion and Beauty Editor contributing to renowned platforms such as Instyle, Byrdie, Amazon, and Travel + Leisure and Fashion School Daily, where I share the latest fashion and beauty news, conduct interviews with designers and backstage personnel, review products, announce brand launches, and cover events. 

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am deeply committed to giving back to the community. I take pride in teaching young girls about the Fashion/Beauty Industry and contribute to charitable orginazations and events. Additionally, I work with clients on personal shopping, wardrobe consulting, and leverage the power of social media to share insights and collaborate with other industry innovators.

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