About Me

An individual makes two very important choices in life, to fit in with social expectations or to create the new wave. From a very early age, Karis acknowledged that fashion and style was not merely just the decision of what to wear for the day - but was an embodiment of her personality. The undeniable passion, terrific eye and sharp instincts for fashion were duly noted from early on. By age fourteen, Karis determined that her dream job was to be a publisher for a world-renowned fashion magazine. Upon entry to North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, young Karis was styling and shopping for classmates and earning a well-deserved title as a consummate fashionista.

Karis is best known for her instinctive fashion brilliance and jubilant demeanor. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Communications with a focus in Printing & Publishing, from NC A&T State University, and an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Marketing from The Art Institute of Charlotte, ranked among the top 100 schools for fashion and over five years of direct experience in the multi-faceted fashion industry, Karis exudes the cutting edge, unconventional thinking with an ounce of sugar to make you feel comfortable in her moments of creation.

As a Personal Stylist, Karis teaches her clients, Fashion Tips 101- the necessary tools clients need to construct flawless, fashionable looks in everyday life. In addition to educating them about proportion, color and fit - her ultimate goal is to help each client extract confidence, sensuality, and strength.

As a Fashion Stylist, Karis focuses on creating a story through the pairing of abstract garments and innovative accessories that effortlessly lead to a beautiful and intuitive result. She continues to depict the vision and life of clothing while creating a uniquely memorable, fashion-forward concept.

Currently, Karis spends her days styling for photo shoots and events, managing and coordinating fashion shows, making TV appearances, speaking at engagements about personal image do's and don'ts, teaching young girls about the Fashion/Beauty Industry and uplifting the community through charitable events like BOLT, Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. Prom Project, Pret a Por (tea) Fundraising Luncheon, and Party for a Purpose benefiting Autism Awareness. She also works with clients on personal shopping, wardrobe consulting and harnesses the power of social media to share and collaborate with other industry innovators.

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